Course 1

Introduction to Assamese alphabet & basic reading

In this course, we will learn the Assamese alphabet and numbers. We will also learn about how the vowels take a different shape when added to a consonant. At the end of this course, one should be able to read simple Assamese sentences.

Lesson 0

Few tidbits about the Assamese alphabets:

  • Assamese language has 11 vowels & 53 consonants

অ আ উ ঊ

ই ঈ

এ ঐ ও ঔ

  • Most of the Assamese letters has a bar on top, that aligns with the top line or the row of sentences. It is called a "maatraa"

ব ক ৰ ধ ন ই এ উ

  • The Assamese vowels when pronounced together with a consonant, it's converted to a vowel signage. When its a signage instead of the full vowel, we call it <<that vowel name>> + "kar" i.e. the letter এ is a vowel that has sound like 'ae'. like the 'a' in word ban. Now it has two forms:
    • When pronounced independently like in 'align' it is লাইন
    • When pronounced with a consonant like in the word 'ban' , it becomes 'ae kar' বেন

Course Outline


Lesson-0101: ব ক ৰ ৱ ধ ঝ ঋ

Lesson-0102: ত অ আ ভ া-কাৰ ৃ-কাৰ

Lesson-0103: হ ই ঈ থ খ ি-কাৰ ী-কাৰ

Lesson-0104: Revision of Lesson-0101/02/03

Lesson-0105: দ ড ড় জ উ ঊ ঙ ু-কাৰ ূ-কাৰ

Lesson-0106: ঢ ঢ় ট চ ছ ঠ

Lesson-0107: এ ঐ ঞ ে-কাৰ ৈ-কাৰ গ প

Lesson-0108: Revision of Lesson-0105/06/07

Lesson-0109: য য় ষ ফ ঘ ক্ষ

Lesson-0110: ণ ন ল শ স ম

Lesson-0111: ও ঔ োকাৰ ৌ-কাৰ

Lesson-0112: Revision of Lesson-0109/10/11

Lesson-0113: ঠ খ স

Lesson-0114: ৎ ং ঁ ঃ and other symbols (ডাৰি, ক’মা আদি)

Lesson-0115: Numbers

Lesson-0116: Revision of All Lessons