This is a revision of our last 3 lessons. So far we learnt the following letters and vowel symbols

ব ক ৰ ৱ ধ ঝ ঋ

ত অ আ ভ া-কাৰ ৃ-কাৰ

হ ই ঈ থ খ ি-কাৰ ী-কাৰ

Refer to previous lessons if needed as we practice reading words below.

Similar sounding letters and symbols

In Assamese, there are few letters that are phonetically almost identical. Few that we learnt so far:

Reading practice

Let's try to read the following

কাৰ ভাত ?

ককাৰ ভাত ৷

তাৰ ভাত ক'ত ?

তাৰ ভাৰ আধা কৰা ৷

তাৰ ভাত আধা কৰা ৷

তৰাৰ আকাৰ কি ?

কাক কবা ?

ক'ত কবা?

তিতাবৰ ক'ত বা ?

ৰাধাৰ বাধা ক'ত?

ৰবা, তাক ধৰা ৷

বতৰৰ বতৰা ক ৷

ধৰাত আহিব ৷

হৱ, থৱ, ভৱ, ৰৱ

ভাৰ, বৰ, বাৰ

থবা ভাবা ৰবা কবা

আক তাক কাক বাক

বিৰাত বীৰা ঈহ ইহত

ঋত ঋক

বৃহত বৃক

বাখৰ তিখৰ খবৰ

Punctuation marks in Assamese:

  • -- This is called Dari, equivalent to full stop

  • , ? ! -- used in the same way as English

  • ' (apostrophe) - when added to a letter, it adds a 'o' sound instead of 'ao'. ক'ত - kot or coat not kat or cot

Finding a meaning:

You can skip finding the meaning of the words, just try to read. If you are interested, you can copy the word and check its meaning in

Word ending with a vowel sound?

In Assamese, most consonants ends with the vowel sound like অ (ao) i.e ক (ko as in call), হ (ho as in halt). When as word ends with a consonant with no other vowel symbols, depending on the context & meaning, it may either end with an 'ao' sound or not. i.e.

  • বাৰ has two meanings. When is sounds like 'bar', it means day of the week (i.e. Monday) . When is sounds like 'baro', it means the number twelve.

  • ভাৱ - sounds like 'bhab/bhaw', means to think

  • ভৱ - sounds like 'bhobo/bhowo', means the earth

Reading Answers

kar bhat? (whose rice/food?)

kokar bhat. (Grandpa's rice/food)

tar bhat kot? (where is his rice/food?)

tar bhar adha kora. (make his load to half)

tar bhat adha kora. (make his food to half)

torar aakar ki? (what is the shape of a star?)

kak koba? (whom to tell?)

kot koba? (where to tell?)

titabr kot ba? (where is Titabor?)

radhar badha kot? (what is stopping Radha?)

roba, tak dhora. (Wait, hold him.)

botoror botora ko. (Tell me the news of the weather.)

dhorat aahibo (Will come to the earth)

howo, thowo, bhowo, rowo (be done, be put, earth, to wait)

bhar, bor, bar (load, big, day of the week)

thoba, bhaba, roba, koba (put, think, wait, talk)

aak tak kak bak

birat beera eeh ihot

rrito rrik

brihot brik

bakhor tikhor khobo