Day 1

Lesson 1.1 - Speaking 1

Practice : Scene 1: Greetings & Introduction

Person 1: Hello, moi Arun

(Hello, I am Arun)

Person 2: Hello, mur naam Pallav.

(Hello, My name is Pallav. )

Apuni kot thaake?

(Where do you live?)

Person 1: Moi SF ot thaku, tumi?

(I live in SF, you?)

Person 2: Mur ghor Dublin-ot

(My home is in Dublin)

Person 1: oo, hoi neki. log pai bhal lagil.

(Oh, Is is. Good to meet you)

naam - name

kot - where
thake - live

ghor - home

log pai - to meet
bhal - good