Xobdo Mac Keyboard

Assamese Keyboard with custom mappings by Xobdo

If you need about basic setups of Assamese scripts in Mac, read the previous section first.

Why Xobdo Keyboard

Although the modern commercial Operating Systems now include a keyboard for Assamese typing, I feel comfortable with a keyboard mapping we developed in 2007 long before Microsoft & Apple shipped Assamese keyboards in Windows & Mac OS.

Xobdo's key mapping

Xobdo's keyboard mapping is phonetic, it simulates English equivalent letters to type Assamese alphabets and then cleverly uses shift & alt keys for additional letters.

Go through the mapping rules on right to understand more

Full mapping

Refer to the images on right for complete mapping of the keyboard.

Installing & Enabling Xobdo Keyboard

STEP 1: Download the Assamese-Xobdo.keyboard file. Place it under 'Downloads' folder under your home folder

STEP 2. Copy the Assamese-Xobdo.keyboard to "Library/Keyboard Layouts" folder.

  • If you want to use it only for your user account, place it under your user home (~/Library/Keyboard Layouts). If you want to make it available to anybody working in your Mac then place it under system home (/Library/Keyboard Layouts )

  • You can use the Finder app to copy

  • You can also use the 'Terminal' app and to run the following commands in blue to copy the file

Go to Home directory: cd

Go to Downloads folder: cd Downloads

Check for the file: ls -l Assamese-Xobdo.keylayout

Check for the target folder:

ls -l /Library/Keyboard\ Layouts

Copy file as admin/super user, it will prompt for your password

sudo cp Assamese-Xobdo.keylayout /Library/Keyboard\ Layouts

Verify that the file is copied :

ls -l /Library/Keyboard\ Layouts\Assamese-Xobdo.keylayout

  • Use the following image for reference

STEP 3: Enable the Xobdo Keyboard

  • Go to "System Preferences" -> "Keyboard" -> "Input Sources".

  • Click on the "+" sign at the bottom left -> It will open the list of available keyboards

  • Scroll down all the way and select 'Other' on the left box. On the right box, you will see 'Assamese-Xobdo'

  • Select 'Assamese-Xobdo' and hit add

  • Check on the 'Input Menu' on top right menu bar. If you click on it, it should show the keyboards added in above steps, including the Assamese-Xobdo option

  • Switch Keyboard to 'Assamese-Xobdo', open a document and start typing

  • Use the following images for reference


If you don't see your keyboard in the Input Menu or in Systems Preferences, cross check the location of the keylayout file.

You might need to log out or reboot your mac once.

You can contact us for support in email at bottom of this page, however, we may not be able to provide a quick feedback