Conjunct Letters with দ, ড & ধ

Points to note:

  • A Dontya alphabet (ন, দ, ত etc) create a compound with only a Donitya alphabet (ন, দ, ত, ধ)

  • A Murdhonya alphabet (ণ, ড, ট etc) create a compound with only a Murdhonya alphabet (ণ, ড, ট, ঢ)

  • The first alphabet is almost recognizable in the compound letters

  • Dontya Dho (ধ) when added as the second character, it retains its triangle but gets a hook on the back

ন + দ = ন্দ (Ando)

ন্দনা (bondona) : prayer

ন্দী (bondee) : prisoner

বান্দ(bandor) : monkey

ণ + ড = ণ্ড (Ando)

ণ্ড (pondo) : Spoil

ণ্ডগোল (Gondogol) : Trouble, Goof up

ব + দ = ব্দ (Abdo)

ব্দ (jobdo) : captured

ব্দ (xobdo) : word, sound

ব + ধ = ব্ধ (Abdho)

ব্ধ (lobdho) : something which you have earned

স্তব্ধ (stobdho) : stalled, stopped, stunned, froze

দ + ধ = ব্ধ (Addho)

শুদ্ধ (xuddho) : milk

ৰূদ্ধ (ruddho) : burned

ন + ধ = ন্ধ (Andho)

ন্ধ (Ondho) : Blind

ন্ধ (bondho) : Close

গ + ধ = গ্ধ (Agdho)

গ্ধ (dogdho) : burned

দুগ্ধ (dugdho) : milk