Assamese Typing

in MacOS


It is easy to read and write in Assamese in Apple devices. Here we will discuss about how to type in Assamese in Mac OS (Mac desktops & laptops)


If you have any recent version of macOS in your Apple laptop or desktop, you should have no difficulty in reading Assamese scripts. It works in the browsers (Chrome, Safari & Firefox etc) and other tools too.

To test, if it is working properly, compare the text & image below and see that the text is displaying properly. If they are showing up properly, you are all good. If not, please see if you can upgrade your OS.


অসম অসীম আলোক অলৌকিক

প্ৰথম প্ৰাৰ্থনা

বিশ্ব ক্ষমা ক্ষুব্ধ ক্ৰীড়া আৰু তৰূ



By default your Mac will have one of the English keyboards enabled.

To add additional keyboards, you need to go to "System Preferences" -> "Keyboard" -> "Input Sources" and add additional keyboards there. Once you add additional keyboards, you can switch between those keyboards on the "Input Menu" of the "Menu Bar" normally found on the top right of your display.

Latest MacOS comes with an Assamese Keyboard. If you want to use it, refer to the images below to see how you can enable it.

Xobdo Keyboard

We highly recommend the custom Keyboard developed by the Xobdo team as this is geared towards writing Assamese phonetically. Follow instructions in the following page.