Day 5

Be verbs & linking verbs

We will learn about few common actions in our day to day life

Lesson 5.1 - Speaking 1

Practice : Scene : Describing yourself

Mor na`m Alan. Moi Fremontot thaku. Fremont San Franciscor usoror ekhon city. Mur iyaat thoka bohut din hol. Mur koka-aita 1950-t Indiar pora Americaoloi aahisil. Moi ejon American citizen. Moi India goi bor bhal pau. Mur Assamese bhat, dail aru bhaji khai bhal lage. Moi next year aakou India ja`m.

Moi ski kori bhal pau. Moi ski koriboloi Lake Tahoeloi goi thaku. Borofor majot paharor pora ski kori nami ohar mojai beleg. Tahoe jaboloi iyar pora 4 hours maan lage. Weekend burot tat bor bhir hoi.

Eibar Californiat bohut borof porise. April manoloike ski koribo parim. Apuni ki bhal pai? Ski ne snow boarding?

Mur dada-i ski nokore. Xi borof beya pai. Mur dada Floridat thake. Xi weekend burot nau loi ma`s dhoriboloi jai. Mur nawot goi bhal nelage. Bhoi lage. Floridat dher shark aase. Alligatoru aase. Mur dadar kintu olopu bhoi nai.

My name is Alan. I live in Fremont. Fremont is a city near San Francisco. I have been here for a long time. My grandparents came to US from India in 1950. I am an American citizen. I like to visit India a lot. I love to eat Assamese rice, dal & vegetables. I will go to India next year again.

I like to ski. I keep going to Lake Tahoe to ski. It is fun to ski down the hill amongst the snow. It takes around 4 hours to go to Tahoe from here. It becomes pretty busy there in the weekends.

It is snowing a lot in California this time. Will be able to skill till April. What do you like? Ski or snow boarding?

My elder brother won't ski. He does not like snow. My brother lives in Florida. He goes out to fishing with a boat on the weekends. I don't like to go on a boat. I am afraid. Florida has lots of sharks. Even alligators too. But my brother has no fear at all.