This is a revision of our last 7 lessons. So far we learnt the following letters and vowel symbols

ব ক ৰ ৱ ধ ঝ ঋ

ত অ আ ভ া-কাৰ ৃ-কাৰ

হ ই ঈ থ খ ি-কাৰ ী-কাৰ

দ ড ড় জ উ ঊ ঙ ু-কাৰ ূ-কাৰ

ঢ ঢ় ট চ ছ ঠ

এ ঐ ঞ ে-কাৰ ৈ-কাৰ গ প

Refer to previous lessons if needed as we practice reading words below.

Similar sounding letters and symbols

In Assamese, there are few letters that are phonetically almost identical. Few that we learnt so far:

Reading practice

Let's try to read the following

তাহাতৰ ঘৰ দৰঙী চুকত

দেউতাৰ এখন ৰঙা গাড়ী আছে

তই আজিৰ পৰা খবৰ কাগজ পঢ়িবি

তাত ভেড়া এটা ৰৈ আছে

ভাইটি কত ৰৈ আছা?

জাৰ আৰু জহ

এটা টিঞহ

উৰি থকা ছৰাই

খৰি কটা কুঠাৰ

এঠা দৈ

গপচত গৈ থাকা

কেচা কঠাল

বতা ছৰাই

ঐৰাৱত হাতী

এইবাৰ আহিবা

ৰূপৰ আঙঠি

জঠৰ ভাগৰ

জেউৰা জাবৰ

Vowels & Vowel modifiers

We have learnt about 8 vowels so far. In Assamese each or these vowels also have a corresponding vowel modifiers that attaches to a consonant and changes how it sounds. i.e আ & া কাৰ, ই & ি কাৰ

The following examples will help you understand when to use each. There are english words and how we write them in Assamese:

হেৰি পটাৰ (Harry Potter)

গেইল (Gail)

গেৰী (Garry)

অৱেন (Owen)

মআনা (Moana)

জন (John)

জ-এন (Jo-Ann)

ৰায়ান (Ryan)

মআব (Moab)

আইভী বীন (Ivy Bean)

Reading Answers

tahator ghor Dorongi Sukot (Their home is at Dorongi Suk)

deutar ekhon ronga gari aase (father has a red car)

toi aajir pora khobor kagoj porhibi (you read the news paper from today)

tat bhera eta roi aase (there is a lamb standing)

bhaiti kot roi aasa? (kid, where are you waiting?)

jaar aaru joh (winter & summer)

eta tinyoh (one cucumber)

uri thoka sorai ( a flying bird)

khori kota kuthar (wood cutting axe)

etha doi (sticky yugort)

goposot goi thaka (keep going confidently)

kesa kothal (raw jackfruit)

bota sorai ("Bota" bird)

oirawot hati ("Oirawat" elephant)

eibar aahiba (come this time)

rupor anguthi (silver ring)

jothor bhagor (stiff & tired)

jeura jabor (fencing & trash)

Finding a meaning:

For now, you can skip finding the meaning of the words, just try to read. If you are interested, you can copy the word and check its meaning in