Day 4

Wh Questions, pointers in time & space

We will learn the regular Wh question words that one would normally use in daily life. Also, focusing on few words that are used in answers for these questions to point to a specific time of place.

Lesson 4.1 - Speaking 1

Practice : Scene : Fixing lights

Mom: Arun, iyaloi aaha.

(Arun, come here.)

Son: ki hol? keloi matisa?

(What happened? Why are you calling?)

Mom: ei light tu beya hol, thik koribo paribi?

(This light is not working, can you fix it?)

Son: ketiya beya hol?

(when did it stop working?)

Mom: kalir pora

(since yesterday)

Son: screw driver dal kot gol?

(Where is the screw driver?)

Mom: xei dal, table-or uporot .

(that one, on the table)

Son: thik aase, kori aasu

(okay, doing it)

thik hoi gol jen lagise

(I think it's fixed)

switch tu diya sun

(turn on the switch please)

Mom: baah, etiya he bhal lagise

(yaay, now only it look good)

moi kitap porhu dei

(let me read a book)

Son: thik aase, moi jau etiya.

(Okay, I am leaving now)

matisa - you are calling

beya - bad, not working
thik kora - to fix

gol - gone

-> where did the it go?

upor - on, over

lagise - I think/feel

diya - give