Burhi Aair Xadhu

We are publishing stories from the famous Assamese folk lore story book Burhi Aair Xadhu (বুঢ়ী আইৰ সাধু) (Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burhi_Aair_Sadhu)  transliterated into Latin/Roman script for Assamese language learners who can read and get insight into the Assamese culture. Burhi Aair Xadhu, first published in 1911, has been a staple of fire side story time for many many generations of Assamese kids. It was compiled by famous Assamese author and poet Lakshminath Bezbaruah. To many this would remind you of the fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen.

If you want to read the stories in Assamese script, it is available in Wiki Source. You can click below for the stories in Latin/Roman script:


We thank our volunteers Krishanu Kaushik & Debojani Borah for the transliteration work.